Thursday, March 3, 2011

I now Hate doujinshis, and FUCK NTR!!!

Its kinda unfair to hate all doujins due to some bad experience with the ntr genre, but G**daminit, that shit just makes me rage! How anyone can fap to that is beyond my understanding. I do relate in that you need something to work with and in the heat of the moment you may end up on so-and so works, but to wake up every morning and search exhentai SPECIFICALLY for some ntr fap material, just tells me that something is wrong with you.
I can only imagine how many years of fapping you must have gone through, how many gigabytes upon gigabytes of porn were required for you to attain tat high

For the love of Thor.. Please people, if you do go through this like a fat man goes through a bag of twinkies, at the very least you should tone it down a bit...

Lols, ultimate rage related
if you can go on of course~