Saturday, August 28, 2010

Writing and drawing are not the only ways to illicit an emotional response from individuals. Sometimes all you need to do is sit down and "investigate" social life, find what can be used and spit out what the people want to hear. In other words, a comedian. A comedian gets the materials from many sources, but the most notable pieces usually come from life experience. This makes it so that the majority of comedians automatically gain -sociologist- status. And one of the BEST sociologists I know Is Dave Chappelle.

Even after being out of commission for a while, one can still notice that his stand-up still maintains
an interest in its delivery. Wish I could support the man a little better, but he'll have to settle for a spread of his skills.

"Keeping up the Circle"


Probably wont be updating too frequently for now, since I'm thinking of moving soon =P

Other than that, I should be able to keep up to date on all kinds of things I'll be working on as well as some of the games I'll be playing on my off time~
Maybe some interesting things will come out of this new move.