Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Jebus! This is SO boring >.>

So, I decided to look around other blogs and found some to be more entertaining than others. I came back to mine however and noticed my posts have been rather "lacking" overall. I kinda don't want to have to spruce up the place with some semi-NSFW crap or what not butt the situation looks like it could call for it. I'll probably try to spend more time on blogging than I currently do. Being a writer and all, you'd think I would have done this in the beginning (¬,¬). But seriously, I want to make this a success, so whether I need to post more often or post more efficiently< I'll f-ing do it! BTW, I WIll be posting random things now and again so don't be surprised (Or actually, give me every type of emotion possible, since that's what Im here for). Besides, If I want to post up my artwork I have deviant art for that~ PS: Response to anonymous from Old Spice Guy

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